Meet Counsellor Karina Lomholt

Have you ever worried about burdening friends and family with your personal concerns and challenges? Well you are not alone. Many clients state that they just want to talk to someone, a professional, experienced, caring and trained counsellor. Welcome to CSSB, your support line.

Hi, I am Karina Lomholt and I would like to tell you a little about myself. My counselling experience began over 10 years ago with the Salvation Army, where I worked as a Telephone Crisis Counsellor and supervisor for volunteers. As you can imagine, there was a huge variety of content in the counselling sessions. By attending regular training and education courses, continuing professional development, and regular clinical supervision my skills and passion for counselling continue to develop.

If you would prefer not to concern or worry family and friends with any negative concerns you have but would like to feel supported and guided in making the best choices possible and gain empowerment and cope better in your life, then I invite you to contact me. You are not alone. CSSB aims to help you feel supported and guided in making the best choices possible to gain self empowerment and cope better with the challenges present in your life.

CSSB is your support line, 0411 417 100

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